Did you join our Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Community Social Drinks last week? 🥂

Last Tuesday, we gathered at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a final get-together before summer. It was a wonderful time to catch up, discuss the latest projects and innovations, and enjoy some snacks. 🥂

Jos van Dongen, director of the Erasmus Data Collaboratory at ECDA, and Smart Campus Project Manager Matthijs Malkus, along with Erik van Grinsven from the Erasmus Digitalisation & Information Services (EDIS), gave a presentation sharing insights and results from the Smart Campus projects.

The Smart Campus project is a collaborative initiative led by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, in partnership with Erasmus Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F), Erasmus Digitalisation & Information Services (EDIS), EUR Data Privacy Officers, and our students. Check the link in the comments for more info.

Highlights from the presentation:
▪ The Smart Campus is an emerging phenomenon being developed by all universities in the Netherlands.
▪ By using existing data sources and collecting new data, we’re gaining insights into campus usage and working towards process optimization.
▪ Current pilots in Operational Excellence are promising, combining knowledge from external stakeholders and academic research for the best results.
▪Dashboards created from various data sources provide insights into the usage of educational spaces, meeting rooms, and buildings on campus.

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing you again after summer. Follow us on social media for updates on upcoming events, projects, and the latest in AI, immersive tech, data, and digitalisation.