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MKB Data Studio


Improve Business Success with Data-Driven Decision-Making

MKB Data Studio is a new initiative launched and run by Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft. Using the most talented Master’s students, we help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Zuid-Holland to digitalise and use their data better.

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Goda Mockute

Project Lead, Data & AI

For SMEs

When you hear digital innovation, data science, or AI, do you keep asking yourself the same question – but where do we start? We are here to answer this for you!

MKB Data Studio is an exciting program that takes root with one precise aim: to empower SMEs, guiding them through a seamless transition to digitalisation while harnessing the full potential of their data. There is so much to explore, and whatever stage in your data maturity journey you are, we have the resources to address your unique needs.

Notably, this endeavour establishes an alliance between forward-looking companies and the university talent – Master’s students who possess state-of-the-art knowledge in this quickly changing field. Within this dynamic partnership, talented students embark on projects thoughtfully tailored to tackle the specific challenges that each business faces and that fit students’ experience and education. The endgame? Boosting business value across the board.

For Students

We’ve got a proposition for you—tackle real-world challenges, get compensated for your efforts, and gain industry experience that significantly elevates your CV. While financial compensation is a nice bonus, the core is tackling exciting challenges and making a tangible impact. Your analytical skills will shine, enhancing both your abilities and resume. Join us, let’s turn data into insights and give your academic journey a practical edge.


– A Master’s student solves a digitalisation or data science challenge in 60-80 hours, 8-10 weeks, supervised and guided by EUR and TU Delft

– We define the challenge together to ensure the deliverables and the goals address your unique business needs

– Projects are flexible and contribute to the business value by guiding you through the shift to a data-driven way of working

– Obtain high-quality services at an affordable cost of €3000