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EUR’s Artificial Intelligence community is rapidly expanding, ushering in new AI studies and projects. To promote synergies, connections, and dialogues among academics, a thriving AI, Data & Digitalisation community is essential. The AI@EUR programme aims to fuel EUR’s growth in these domains while addressing ethics, trustworthiness, and responsible use. Its mission is to address questions arising from within the community whilst co-developing essential AI guidelines and tools.

A team, including EUR data protection officers, programme and marketing managers from the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA), along with internal and external AI (ethics) experts, leads the programme. They are be supported by AiPact and ambassadors representing various faculties.

Within the AI@EUR programme, the team aims to:

  1. Identify and connect all researchers and (support) staff engaged in AI at EUR to enhance awareness of AI-related activities through collaborative communication and events.
  2. Foster dialogue on ethical and trustworthy AI, its implications for Erasmus University Rotterdam, and relevant legislation, such as EU regulations, for stakeholders.
  3. Elevate EUR’s AI maturity and capabilities.
  4. Provide AI support and guidelines for algorithms used at EUR.
  5. Keep faculty members and staff informed about AI legislation developments, including those from the EU.

Matthijs Malkus

Project and Event Manager

Laying the Foundation.

Propelled by fast-paced developments and new legislation, notably from the EU, the team is actively facilitating dialogues with EUR researchers and staff around ethical, trustworthy, and responsible AI usage.

On May 11, the inaugural AI@EUR event, titled “Ethics & Data Ethics,” explored the potentials and risks of recent AI advancements on ethical considerations, daily practices, and ethical dilemmas. Three experts: Prof. Dr. Muel Kaptein (RSM), Joris Krijger (Volksbank), and Prof. Dr. Hub Zwart (ESPhil) delved into AI from a human-centred standpoint. They examined ethical dilemmas arising from AI and provided us with a glimpse into possible future implications for individuals, organisations, and legislation.

The event serves as a starting point for a series of in-depth events and working sessions. These sessions invite EUR faculty, staff, and external partners to reflect on challenges, opportunities, and limitations tied to the development and application of algorithms through the lens of ‘Erasmian Values’. The sessions in 2023 will capture insights from the latest research for future reference.

Growing AI and Data Capabilities and Providing Guidelines.

One of the AI@EUR programme’s pillars revolves around aiding EUR in adopting, utilising, and developing trustworthy AI. The programme’s findings ensure AI techniques adhere to laws, regulations, ethical principles, and EUR’s values. Models based on research conducted by EUR academics, such as the maturity model developed by Tamara Thuis and Joris Krijger, will help to determine EUR’s baseline and subsequent steps.

To enhance outcomes, the programme collaborates with other universities and supportive organisations in the domain, like SURF. It learns from best practices, including those of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Volksbank, and the University Utrecht Data School. The latter employs the Value Sensitive Design method to assess AI projects.

Mapping the AI@EUR Community.

EUR researchers focused on AI, algorithms, or those working with AI, as well as EU support staff engaged in AI or algorithms, are encouraged to join the AI@EUR community. This way, the programme team can incorporate them into the AI@EUR mapping dashboard, an effective tool to connect colleagues and facilitate collaboration.

To participate in the AI@EUR programme, please send an email to and to inquire about upcoming events, to to inquire about communications materials, and to or to inquire about anything related to Trustworthy AI.

AI @ EUR Programme

The AI@EUR program aims to connect all researchers and staff that work with artificial intelligence (AI) at the EUR, creating more insight and awareness on all the AI-related activities on campus. Furthermore, the program’s purpose is to stimulate a dialogue around ethical and trustworthy AI, what it means for the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and inform all stakeholders involved, about the legislation on data & AI coming from for example the EU.