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About Us

Founded by the Rotterdam School of Management in 2018, the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) is a flagship centre of excellence of Erasmus University Rotterdam on AI, data and digitalization. Bringing together academic experts, organisational leaders and students, the ECDA team and its community gives you access to world-class research, meaningful know-how, data analytics tools and a relevant network to boost your journey in the space of data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our purpose is to facilitate the Erasmus University and its public and private partner organisations to prepare society for a data-driven future, hands-on and human-centred, towards a sustainable world.

ECDA's Purpose

Our purpose at ECDA is to explore data analytics, enhance data knowledge, and find business and societal uses for data analytics and AI to benefit from the digital transformation.

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA):

  • Facilitates multi-disciplinary research and innovation based on 16 expert practices on data analytics and AI
  • Offers infrastructure for data, analytics and AI in collaboration with tech partners
  • Facilitates hands-on education to students and executives;
  • Organizes top class-exclusive events, seminars and summits
  • Offers a learning community among public and private organizations, academia and students

"You cannot look at data analytics in isolation anymore. It is not just influencing technology, operation management and marketing – it is redefining whole industries”


Gerrit Schipper

Executive Director, ECDA


Academic Directors

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Prof Ting Li

Prof. Dr. Ting Li

Professor of Digital Business at RSM

Fields of expertise: digital strategy, e-commerce, digital platforms, business analytics, social media and mobile marketing, digital advertising, pricing and revenue management. Professor Li’s interdisciplinary research has been sponsored by multiple grants from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and multinational companies.


Prof. Dr. Gui Liberali

Professor of Digital Marketing at RSM

Fields of expertise: marketing analytics, machine learning, advertising analytics, optimal learning, multi-armed bandits, adaptive trials, online advertising, morphing theory and applications, and dynamic programming. Professor Liberali is also a researcher at the Erasmus Medical Center, developing methods for clinical trials.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter

Professor of Next Generation Information Systems at RSM and University of Cologne

Fields of expertise: autonomous systems, energy and mobility, sustainable energy and digitalization using AI and ML. Prof. Ketter is also Director at the Erasmus Center for Future Energy Business, Professor at the University of Cologne, Director at the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne and Fellow and member of the Global Future Council on Mobility at the World Economic Forum.


Prof. Dr. Liesbet van Zoonen

Professor of Sociology & and Popular Culture at ESSB

Fields of expertise: data governance and management, particularly around the social, ethical and individual consequences of the urban data revolution for people in the city. Professor Van Zoonen is also Academic Director at the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities and Dean at the Erasmus Graduate School Social Sciences and Humanities.

robert rooderkerk

Dr. Robert Rooderkerk

Associate Professor of Operations Management at RSM, ECDA Lab Director of Retail Analytics, and Academic Director of the MScBA Business Analytics &Management at RSM

Fields of expertise: supply chain analytics, management of products and services lifecycle based on using data and analytics. His research addresses retail operations challenges on the marketing-operations interface, with an emphasis on omnichannel retail. He is particularly interested in research questions related to assortment, product lines, and fulfillment. His empirical work integrates insights from psychology and consumer behavior with advanced analytics that include Bayesian statistics, econometrics and operations research. His conceptual work focuses on how new technologies, data sources, advanced analytics, and business models are reshaping the global retail landscape.

Website-Stefano Puntoni RSM

Prof. Dr. Stefano Puntoni

Professor of Marketing at RSM

Fields of expertise: impact of AI on consumption and society, decision making with data, and technological replacement of human labour. Professor Puntoni is also a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University.


Prof. Dr. Payal Arora

Professor of Technology, Value and Global Media Cultures at ESPhil

Fields of expertise: digital anthropology, bringing together tech platforms, digital marketeers, designers, think-tanks and digital anthropologists to venture into the understanding of user behaviour and motivations. Professor Arora is also Director of a digital activism organization, Catalyst Lab

Website-Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal RSM

Dr. Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations Management at RSM

Fields of expertise: digital energy, wholesale and retail energy markets, energy system integrations, energy storage systems, smart charging and e-mobility, and city-wide energy planning. Also ivolved in the European project FlexSUS which aims at providing a decision support system for sustainable and efficient energy transitions for city planners.


Dr. Dion Bongaerts

Associate Professor of Finance at RSM

Fields of expertise: Fintech, Blockchain, high-frequency trading, credit rating agencies, pricing of credit risk, and market liquidity. Dr. Bongaerts was awarded several prestigious grants, including Veni and a Blockchain research grant from NWO.


Dr. Iuliana Sandu

Senior Lecturer of Accounting and Control at RSM

Fields of expertise: audit, accounting and control analytics, at the crossroads between accounting and data science. Dr. Sandu is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Accounting Education.


Prof. Dr. Peter van der Spek

Professor of Pathology & Clinical Bioinformatics at EMC

Fields of expertise: Biological Studies, Computer Science, Information Engineering and mathematics and statistics to support the diagnostics of complex patients. Professor Van der Spek is also Visiting Professor at the University of Chulalongkorn Bangkok, Thailand


Prof. Dr. Klaus Heine

Professor of Law and Economics at ESL

Fields of expertise: legal consequences of technological disruption. Professor Heine is also the Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Digital Governance. He is also a member of the platform Learning Systems of the German government.


Prof. Dr. Rob Zuidwijk

Professor of Global Supply Chains and Ports at RSM

Fields of expertise: coordination for sustainable global supply chains, synchromodal transport networks and inter-organisational systems in logistics. Professor Zuidwijk is also Captain of Science of the Topsector Logistics in the Netherlands and ambassador Smart Logistics of SmartPort, a collaborative arrangement with the port community of Rotterdam.

foto Anne Marie 2019

Dr. Anne Marie Weggelaar-Jansen

Assistant professor of Change and Innovation at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management
Field of expertise: change management, innovation in healthcare, uptake of big data, action research, design studies.

Prof. Dr. Moniek Buijzen

Professor of Communication and Behavioural Change at ESSB

Fields of expertise: benefits of digital technology in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, dissemination of health campaigns for youth and peer influencers in online social networks. Professor Buijzen also leads the NWO funded SocialMovez project.

Pridmore, Jason_square

Dr. Jason Pridmore

Associate Professor at ESHCC

Fields of expertise: digital identification, mobile devices, security issues, practical approaches to data protection, surveillance and the use of new and social media and consumer data. Dr. Pridmore is also Vice Dean Education at ESHCC.

Bernold Nieuwesteeg

Dr. Bernold Nieuwesteeg

Director at the Centre of the Law and Economics of Cyber Security at ESL

Fields of expertise: cybersecurity, cyberlaw, systems engineering and policy. Dr. Nieuwesteeg is also co-founder at CrossOver B.V.


Prof. Dr. Yvonne van Everdingen

Professor of Marketing and Innovation at RSM

Fields of expertise: marketing of new products, use of new technologies (VR, AR) for the development and launch of new products and consumer adoption of sustainable new products. She is also a member of the EUR Diversity Advisory Board of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, member of the Special Interest Group Virtual Reality at the Erasmus Behavioral Lab, member of the “Profgroep Onderwijs” of the MOA Expertise Center, and chair of the jury for the MOAward Insights Scientist of the Year.

Luca Berchicci

Dr. Luca Berchicci

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing at RSM

Fields of expertise: decision making in problem solving, firm’s capabilities building, (green) innovation and business models and machine learning algorithms for model uncertainty mapping. His primary interest lies at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Prof. Dr. Dennis Fok

Professor of Econometrics and Data at ESE

Fields of expertise: econometrics, data science, machine learning, marketing, and high dimensional data. Professor Fok also advices companies and other organizations on research related issues. He is the director of the Econometric Institute and the Academic Director of the master in Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing (specialization within the Econometrics and Management Science program).


Dr. Aurélie Lemmens

Associate Professor of Marketing Management at RSM

Fields of expertise: customer analytics, machine learning, causal interference, optimization of managerial decisions such as customer targeting. She is the author of the recently developed ProfitBoost algorithm to optimize customer retention campaigns. Dr. Lemmens was awarded several prestigious grants, including a Marie Curie from the European Research Council, a Veni and a Vidi grant from NWO.

Bas Donkers

Prof. Dr. Bas Donkers

Professor of Marketing Research at ESE

Fields of expertise: consumer decision-making, behavioural economics, quantitative analysis, quantitative market research techniques.


Dr. Esther Rozendaal

Associate professor of Communication and Behavioural Change at ESSBS

Fields of expertise: young people & adolescents with regards to digital media, wellbeing, behavioural change & advertising.

Wouter Jacobs

Wouter Jacobs PhD

Academic Director at EUR

Fields of expertise: commodity trade, supply chain management, maritime business services, spatial planning & human geography.

Core team


Gerrit Schipper

Executive Director ECDA

Vast experience in senior management for blue-chip and multinational organisations. Networker and expert on management to establish long-term strategic collaborations with partners for ECDA outside the academic world.


Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout

Associate Executive Director ECDA

Vast experience in project development and project management, an active researcher and networker involved in several national and EU-funded research projects on smart cities, sustainable energy and smart logistics.

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Maaike Hang

Maaike Hang

Partner Engagement Manager ECDA

Research MA in Asian Studies, and LLB in applied sciences. Experienced account manager and project manager. Involved in partner engagement management with corporate partners of ECDA.

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Rajarshi Chakraborty

Rajarshi Chakraborty

Ecosystem Designer ECDA

MSc in Business Information Management, founder of Erasmus Tech Community, co-host on “Speed Change Repeat” podcast.

max gebski

Max Gebski

Partnership Associate at ECDA

Honours student in International Business Administration at Erasmus University. Ambitious student with interests in ML, Deep Learning, Data Science and web & software development.