💬 Were you part of the conversation on AI’s societal impact at ICAI Day at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Two weeks ago, on 5 of June, we delved into AI’s societal impact, discussing topics like green AI for sustainable computing and AI’s role in renewable energy. We covered translating AI collaborations into real-world impacts, preparing talent for an uncertain future, and ensuring ethical AI development.

Special thanks to our keynote speakers Gabriele Jacobs and Bob Huisman, who shared their valuable insights on making impact with AI. Also thank you to Margo Strijbosch and Marcel Van Oosterhout for their introductions, and Goda Mockute for moderating.

Appreciation also goes to our expert roundtable hosts: Prof. Dr. Augustinus Wilhelmus (Stijn) Van Der Krogt, Morraya B., Mirjam Plantinga, Helena Samodurova, June Sallou, Cristina Zaga, Malou Kroezen, and Sarah Craig.

💡Topics included:
-“Building Bridges: Fostering Inclusive AI”
-“From Collaboration to Impact,”
-“Fostering AI Talent for an Unknown Future.”

Thank you to ICAI – Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence and our colleagues from ERS Erasmus University Rotterdam for the collaboration. We look forward to more events like this! Stay tuned to our social media for more events and projects on ethical AI.