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Immersive Tech Space

Engagement Through Experimentation

Immersive technology is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of digital experiences that enable users to interact with digitally created environments, evoking a sense of physical presence. It includes technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to deliver a fully immersive experience. Immersive Tech enables Erasmus University to offer education in novel, more inclusive, and sustainable ways. Immersive Tech can serve as a powerful tool to conduct experiments and communicate research findings, making it easier to exchange knowledge intuitively with stakeholders around the world.

The Immersive Tech Space fulfils several roles:

  1. Connecting & Inspiring: It serves as a platform to update campus stakeholders and external partners on the latest XR technologies, visualise projects and expertise, and provide an inspirational venue for events.
  2. Supporting education: This space facilitates experimentation with new XR technologies, houses small-scale XR classrooms, acts as a playground for students, and facilitates experiments related to VR and holographic imaging.
  3. Supporting research & Innovation: In the Immersive Tech Space, XR technologies can be used at the outset of research projects and innovation programmes, immersing stakeholders in research results. It helps to clarify complex concepts (such as social networks, (path) dependencies, interactions), simulates scientific experiments, and employs gamification elements to present research in a more engaging manner.

Collaboration with diverse immersive tech startups and scale-ups takes precedence. Our technology partners will actively participate in various projects to support the innovation missions of our community members with their tools and technologies. Additionally, the space will offer opportunities to showcase AI and immersive art installations, embodying a hands-on, inspiring exemplar of our mission to facilitate multidisciplinary immersive collaborations.

Immersive Tech Space: Sneak-Peak