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Smart Energy & Sustainability

Smart Energy & Sustainability

Using the power of data and AI to create smart, resilient and sustainable cities and communities

Smart Energy & Sustainability combines in depth expertise of smart cities, sustainable energy and electric mobility with the role of big data, analytics, blockchain, IoT and data platforms to help cities and communities and their stakeholders become more sustainable and efficient, while creating new business models based on data, analytics and smart tariffing. The dynamism and complexity of energy markets, and the shifting landscape they operate in, requires a broad spectrum of knowledge combined with cutting edge research techniques and technologies using data and analytics. Areas of expertise include

  • energy market simulations and computational models
  • flexibility in energy markets and networks
  • electric & autonomous mobility and smart charging
  • electricity trading and auctions
  • Large-scale renewable energy integration
  • energy storage
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Heat networks
  • demand side management
  • urban data platforms (design, governance and business models)

Our aim is to clear a path through the complexity to allow informed choices to be made, and at the same time provide an arena for the evolution of theory.

Research Projects

Research in the Smart Energy & Sustainability practices is focused on the following topics:

Sustainable, integrated, and smart energy market design

  • Effect of large-scale renewables on energy markets & conventional energy producers
  • The role of storage/batteries in electricity markets
  • Flexibility in energy markets and networks
  • Integrated design of multiple energy markets for larger flexibility
  • Developing an efficient and integrated hydrogen market

Microgrids & energy cooperatives

  • Energy cooperative tariff designs
  • The role of blockchain as an enabler for efficient energy transactions
  • System integration in distributed network design
  • Congestion management and congestion market

Electric vehicles, smart charging and electric autonomous mobility

  • Unleashing the flexibiligy of smart charging and V2G
  • EV adoption & behaviour of drivers
  • Optimizing planning of electric cars and electrified public transport
  • Impact of shared, autonomous, electric vehicles on fleets and (smart) charging infrastructure
  • New business & market models

Smart Sustainable Cities & Communities

  • Modelling heat and electricity demand in commercial buildings and using these models for anomaly detection and energy managements
  • Urban data platforms governance and design
  • New business models in the context of urban data platforms

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Website-Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal RSM

Dr. Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management at RSM & Expert Practice Director of Smart Energy & Sustainability


  • Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal
  • Sameer Mehta
  • Pieter Van den Berg
  • Haydee Sheombar
  • Wolf Ketter
  • Marcel van Oosterhout

Current PhD students/post-docs

  • Adrián Esteban (Post-doc)
  • Linda Punt (PhD candidate)
  • Clarisse Dupont (PhD candidate)
  • Olatunbosun Anifowoshe (part-time PhD candidate)
  • Brieuc Corlay (part-time PhD candidate)


  • Dr Mohammad Ansarin
  • Dr Ayman Abdelwahed
  • Dr Ayman Esmat