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Law & Digital Compliance

Law & Digital Compliance

Big Data, artificial intelligence, Robots, 3D Printing, the Smart Factory and self-driving cars. All terms that are linked to the technological and social changes we face at work, at home, at school, when buying products on the internet or voting in an election.

What rules and standards are needed to ensure that Big Data and artificial intelligence can be used to support us in our own needs? And what frameworks are needed to prevent these technologies from being at the expense of our society? To what extent is established legislation resistant to accelerated digitization? And what legal shortcomings must be bridged by the new legislation? In short: Digital Governance must be considered.

Digital Governance (DIGOV) is the name of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence awarded by the European Commission to the Erasmus School of Law. The award is also a recognition of Erasmus School of Law’s leadership in research into the legal consequences of technological disruption. You can read more about Klaus’ work here.

Research Projects

Research of “Law & Digital Compliance” is focused on the following sub-themes:

  1. Legal Personality of AI;
  2. Ownership rights in AI;
  3. Digital Governance of Societies

With publications on the following topics:

  • Klaus Heine 2019. Künstliche Intelligenz und Recht, KI und der Mensch. Trendreport; Handbuch KI (Open Content), Kapitel II, November 2019.
  • Klaus Heine 2019. KI und Recht: Neue Formen der Data Governance. Handelsblatt Journal, October 2019.
  • Klaus Heine and Shu Li 2019. What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor? Product Safety in the Aftermath of 3D Printing. European Journal of Risk Regulation, Vol. 10(1), pp. 23-40.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kleine

Professor of Law and Economics at ESL & Expert Practice Director of Law & Digital Compliance
prof Evert Stamhuis picture

Prof. Dr. Evert Stamhuis

Academic Director and Senior Fellow at Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Digital Governance


  • Prof. Dr. Evert Stamhuis
  • Farshida Zafar LL.M.

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