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Inclusive Smart Cities & Communities

Inclusive Smart Cities & Communities

Making Smart Cities Shared

The utopian image of smart cities tackling urban problems poses a natural question: what impact will this have on democracy? Who will own the data generated by the citizens? How will this influence political decisions? While urbanization and smart cities will have positive upsides, it is imperative to understand the interactions created and their impact on diversity and democracy.

Research Projects

Research of prof.van Zoonen is focused on the following sub-themes:

  1. Social, ethical and individual consequences of the urban data revolution for people in the city
  2. The use of data and digital technologies to aid vulnerable urban groups;
  3. Enhancements of new forms of urban participation and governance;
  4. Development of urban data literacy and democratic legitimization.
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Dr. Rebecca Moody

Assistant Professor at ESSB & Expert Practice Director of Inclusive Smart Cities & Communities


  • Prof. dr. Marjolijn Das
  • Dr. Jiska Engelbert
  • Prof. Jurian Edelenbos
  • Dr. Emiel Rijshouwer
  • Dr. Els Leclercq