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A technology-powered version of finance

The FinTech Expert Practice aims to promote and streamline (interdisciplinary) academic research in FinTech, align it with the needs and interests of industry, distribute knowledge to pre- and post-experience audiences, and be a knowledge centre for parties inside and outside the university. Examples of activities undertaken are research project on a variety of FinTech topics such as High-Frequency Trading, Blockchain, Tokenization, and crowdfunding, advisory roles in non-profit organizations that aim to improve the accessibility of technologically advanced financial solutions to the public, the development of a MOOC, and delivering a variety of courses in pre- and post-experience programs.

Research Projects

Research of FinTech is focused on several sub-themes:

    1. What is new with FinTech?
    2. The use of blockchain and tokens in financial markets
    3. Crowdfunding
    4. Investing with AI
    5. Open banking
    6. High-Frequency Trading

Prof. Dr. Dion Bongaerts

Professor of Financial Technology and Data Analytics & Expert Practice Director of FinTech


  • Dr. Joop Huij – Machine learning and asset management
  • Prof. Peter Roosenboom – P2P, Crowdfunding
  • Dr. Thomas Lambert – P2P, Crowdfunding
  • Prof. Daniel Metzger – general FinTech business models, Fintech in development finance
  • Dr. Mancy Luo – Learning, data analytics
  • Dr. Roger van Dalen HFT, Deep learning, machine learning, AI
  • Dr. Stephan Kramer Blockchain
  • Dr. Markus Weinmann – Crowdfunding
  • Dr. Alexander Genevsky  – Crowdfunding
  • Dr. Luca Berchicci – Crowdfunding
  • Dr. Y. Liu – Crowdfunding
  • Dr. Mikael Paaso – General FinTech business models, crowdfunding
  • Dan Liebau – General FinTech business models, Blockchain – External lecturer, PhD