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Digital Business

Digital Business

Creating competitive advantage from digitalization and the use of AI

The exponential improvements in artificial intelligence, robotics, networks, analytics, and digitization affect more and more of the economy and society. Digital Business aims to explore how people and businesses will work, interact, and prosper in an era of profound digital transformation. The initiative will bring university faculties and industry leaders to research the effects of, and causes behind these phenomena.

Digital Business combines experimental, statistical, econometric, and computational methodologies to study digital, social, and mobile business of today. It strives to bring together behaviour science, management science, statistics, and computer science (data mining and machine learning) to understand the causes and the effects of how emerging technologies and big data impact consumers, firms, and societies.

Research Projects

Research of “Digital Business” is focused on the following sub-themes:

  1. Value of Information Technology and AI
    1. Projects measuring the economic, societal, and business value of information & technology
    2. Projects evaluating the impact of IT on individuals, businesses, markets, and networks
    3. Projects on decisions makings in the age of AI
    4. Projects on economic value and data privacy
  2. Digital Commerce and Transformation
    1. Projects on digital, social, and mobile commerce
    2. Projects on multichannel digital commerce
  3. Digital Platforms
    1. Projects on platform design
    2. Projects on personalization and recommendation on digital platforms
    3. Projects on social media and user-generated content
  4. Digital Marketing and Advertising
    1. Projects measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising
    2. Projects measuring the negative consequences of digital advertising
  5. Pricing and Revenue Management
    1. Projects on dynamic pricing
    2. Projects on customer-centric revenue management
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Prof Ting Li

Prof. Dr. Ting Li

Endowed Professor of Digital Business at RSM & Expert Practice Director of Digital Business


  • Eric van Heck
  • Peter Vervest
  • Dimitrios Tsekouras
  • Rodrigo Belo
  • Otto Koppius
  • Tobias Brandt
  • Philipp Cornelius
  • Dominik Gutt
  • Dainis Zegners
  • Markus Weinmann
  • Anna Priante
  • Jeffrey Sweeney

PHd students:

  • Ayman Abdelwahed
  • Mohammad Ansarin
  • Ainara Novales
  • Francesco Balocco
  • Joshua Paundra
  • Atabak Mehrdar
  • Huong May Truong
  • Ioannis Kanellopoulos
  • Zherui Yang
  • Agnieszka Kloc
  • Charles Wan