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Using digital tools & AI for new business venturing & strategic decision making

Today’s impact of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in organizations and research cannot be overstated. Managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on digital tools and data analytics to make decisions that affect their organizations and ventures.

Datapreneurship explores the opportunities, antecedents, consequences, and limitations of using AI and digital tools for strategic decision making in established organizations and nascent ventures.

For managers, datapreneurship examines the extent to which technological change and digital transformation affect business decisions.

For entrepreneurs, it investigates the emergence and growth of ventures in a digitalization context, such as the unicorn phenomenon.

For researchers, the datapreneurship group provides digital tools to help them map their model assumptions and analyze big data text analytics.

Topics & Research Projects

  1. Organizing for technological change and digital transformation for managers and entrepreneurs
  2. The rise of (digital) Unicorns and fast-growing (digital) companies
  3. Digital tools and data analytics in venture growth and corporate development
  4. How firms respond to AI
  5. Conditions under which managers overwrite AI decisions
  6. Several projects on big data text analytics, in particular using topic modelling – an unsupervised Machine Learning Technique
  7. Exploring the Potential and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence-based Text Analysis for strategic decision making
  8. Use of machine learning algorithms for model uncertainty mapping and variable selection
Luca Berchicci

Prof. Dr. Luca Berchicci

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing at RSM & Expert Practice Director of Datapreneurship


  • Dr. Luca Berchicci (academic director)
  • Prof. Dr. Vareska van de Vrande
  • Dr. Richard Haans
  • Dr. Andreas Distel
  • Dr. Xena Welch Guerra
  • Dr. Zhiyan Wu
  • Dr. Yu Liu

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