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AI, Digital Communication and Behavioural Change

AI, Digital Communication and Behavioural Change

Boosting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by harnessing the potential of communication technology

Developments in communication technology open up unprecedented opportunities for healthy and sustainable behavioural change. We study how the benefits of digital technology can be optimally used for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, while keeping potential risks at a minimum. In a human-centred approach, we focus on young people, the next generations of AI users.

We see AI as an object of study, as well as a tool for innovative research and behavioural interventions

In our expert practice, we aim for a continuous interaction between the development of theory, methodological advances, and innovative technological applications. Our approach is interdisciplinary, uniting elements from the fields of social sciences, humanities, health sciences, computer sciences, and law.

Our co-creative “stakeholder science” approach blends research, education, and societal impact. This means that we structurally involve students, scholars, citizens and societal partners in all stages of our projects.

Research Projects


Moniek Buijzen

Professor of Communication and Behavioural Change at ESSB

Esther Rozendaal

Associate professor of Communication and Behavioural Change at ESSB