ECDA Insights Social Artificial Intelligence #4

Polak Building, Room Y1.10 Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Exciting World of Interpretable Machine Learning (Hybrid session) Speaker: Prof. dr. Ilker Birbil (UvA) About the seminar This talk is about explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). We will first give a quick […]


ECDA Insights Social Artificial Intelligence #5

Hybrid: Mandeville T19-67

Presenter: Michel Klein (VU) Title: Social AI for behavior change: lessons learned and challenges Abstract: Social AI is about the AI technology interacting and collaborating with humans. The goal of my […]


Moonshot Thinking with Deloitte

Hybrid. Y1-10

Join us for a thought-provoking afternoon with Stefan van Duin, Partner at Deloitte About this event In-person (followed by drinks & snacks) & online (live-streamed) ABOUT THE TOPIC Artificial Intelligence […]


ECDA Insights Psychology of AI


The expert practice of this ECDA Insights is Psychology of AI and the topic englobes decision-driven analytics.


AI education for ICT dummies?


A webinar on teaching AI to non-ICT students (MBO, HBO, WO) Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in society and consequently in the curricula of numerous programmes, including the non-technical. But […]


ECDA Insights Social Artificial Intelligence #6

Hybrid. Y1-10

Presenter: Max Welz  Title: “Identifying Periods of Careless Responding in Surveys: A Deep Learning Approach” Abstract: Rating-scale datasets collected from surveys are paramount to empirical research. However, due to deficiencies in survey […]


Recharge Earth

Together towards a new energy system Recharge Earth is the platform for professionals involved in the energy transition. A cleaner energy supply involves complex issues that cannot be solved individually. […]

A Convergence AI Mixer: Disarming Disinformation with AI

Boerhaave Museum Lange Sint Agnietenstraat 10, Leiden, Netherlands

The Convergence AI brings together the brightest minds from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University with thought leaders from industry and society to explore pressing AI challenges. In […]

AIDocs: The Gig is Up

Theatre Erasmus Paviljoen Burgemeester Oudlaan 350, Rotterdam, Netherlands

We will start the documentary festival AIDocs with The Gig is Up. Who starts working when you’ve ordered food, an uber or something via Amazon? With an introduction by prof. […]

AIDocs: You can’t automate me

Theatre Erasmus Paviljoen Burgemeester Oudlaan 350, Rotterdam, Netherlands

As part of documentary festival AIDocs we will screen You can’t automate me. The last port workers are lashers. Securing containers with steel pins proves to be a dangerous job. […]