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TechDate: Dynata

24 January 2022 @ 14:00 15:00

We would like to announce the second TechDate of the academic year partnering with Dynata! It will take place on January 24th from 14 to 15! 

The Future of Data Collection

With the increasing demand for data and competition from the gig-economy, it is harder than ever to get the consumers attention. Where it gets harder and harder to expand the reach within traditional research panels, we leverage different types of first-party data assets to increase feasibility and delivering a more diverse and representative sample to increase your data accuracy. We will share our point of view on how we can make data collection future proof and the innovative methodologies that already exist.  

  • Sample methodology: how can we still engage Gen Z and Gen Y for research and increase representativity?
  • Data Solutions: how can we append different data sources to make survey data richer?
  • Passive data:
    • Metering: Our data encompasses millions of people globally with thousands of profile attributes collected directly from individuals. Combined with activities such as search terms, app usage, and website visits collected from a variety of devices – phones, desktop, and mobile – we provide data that gives you a 360-degree view of consumer and business professionals.
    • Campaign effectiveness: ADimension® provides the capability to measure the performance of advertising campaigns across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, including in-app, using key brand metrics so you can better understand consumer insights from an individual centric view
  • In the moment measurement: Crowdlab helps to understand how people actually experience life, products and services

Dynata: Dynata is one of the world’s largest first-party data platforms for insights, activation & measurement; a partner for data-driven insights that power growth. We improve our clients’ business and market understanding by connecting them to the interests, opinions and actions from the world’s largest community of real people to strengthen their market research and advertising activities.