Conference and Expo 2021: Recharge Earth

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Conference and Expo 2021: Recharge Earth

8 September 2021 @ 08:00 9 September 2021 @ 17:00

Reduce – Renew – Rethink

Energy transition is an important topic. Not only for governments, companies, knowledge institutions and service providers, but for society as a whole. The ambitions and objectives have been defined, but they still need to take shape. The question is how? How will we achieve (inter)national climate goals? And how do we utilize the economic opportunities that come with it?

To answer these questions Rotterdam Ahoy is initiating the Recharge Earth platform which focuses on three topics: reduce, renew and rethink. In other words, how can we reduce our climate footprint and reform the current energy system?
Recharge Earth brings relevant parties in the field of energy supply and energy transition together, to further the dialogue between the different thinkers and doers. Because the ultimate goal is to take coordinated action. Achieving objectives and exchange of knowledge will be at the centre.  

Together towards a new energy system 

The energy transition requires a different system approach. The current energy system with its dominant, large companies and separate economic sectors is no longer sufficient. The challenges are too complex for that. In the new energy system, consumers can also be producers, and vice versa. On a large scale, or on a small scale. Moreover, balancing supply and demand remains a brain teaser. If you want to design the energy transition successfully and efficiently, you need to look for a more connected system, in which relevant stakeholders collaborate much more, across borders, in order to jointly achieve sustainable, integrated solutions. Recharge Earth brings those parties together and inspires to action. 

Recharge Earth offers one platform that connects all relevant parties. Governments, network operators, energy suppliers, consumers, knowledge institutions, innovation hubs, service providers, civil society organizations and other stakeholders share knowledge and experiences in order to come up with concrete solutions. Innovation, practical knowledge exchange, decisiveness and cooperation will be vital in this.

Together we will work on a new energy system! 


The platform

Recharge Earth is committed to contribute to realizing (inter)national climate goals. By connecting all relevant stakeholders and by sharing knowledge we will be able to find solutions for this global challenge together. We will use different channels to support this. The Recharge Earth platform consists of:

  • The annual Recharge Earth congress
  • Recharge Earth side events: to achieve goals faster initiatives are bundled under the Recharge Earth label for more cohesion.
  • The website where various publications can be found, such as news items, whitepapers & best practices
  • Social media where knowledge and news are shared

Recharge Earth congress – March 10 and 11, 2021

An important part of Recharge Earth is the annual congress, of which the first edition will take place on March 10 and 11, 2021. 

The aim of the congress is to make an active contribution to achieving climate goals and capitalizing on relevant economic opportunities. The conference is set up around a concrete energy challenge: the development of sustainable regions while maintaining and further expanding the economy. 

Target audience

The energy transition involves complex issues that cannot be solved individually. Only by bringing various groups of stakeholders together, the new energy system can take shape successfully. Recharge Earth focuses on knowledge exchange between all parties that play a role in the energy transition:

  • Governments: central government, provinces, municipalities
  • Companies: energy producers, network operators, energy users
  • Knowledge centres: educational institutions, research institutes, innovation hubs
  • Service providers: financial, technical, legal
  • Non-profit: industry associations, social organizations, residents


  • 1,000 participants
  • 50 exhibitors
  • 2 days
  • 40 presentations, workshops and best practices
  • 4 plenary timeslots
  • Site visits

Key themes

Recharge Earth offers a challenging program focusing on the following topics:

  • Future energy demand: trends in the industry, the environment and the
  • greenhouse horticulture. What is the influence of electrification, innovation and energy saving?
  • Future energy supply: various renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, geothermal and residual heat, biomass and hydrogen. What is the influence of technology, innovation and cost reduction?
  • How do we balance the future energy supply with the energy demand? 
  • Which infrastructure belongs to a new energy system and how does the role of the involved parties change?
  • How do we keep the new energy system reliable, affordable, acceptable and safe?

Think of regulations, financing, education and the labour market, the use of public space and the needed support of the society. 

Join as a sponsor!

Are you an energy producer, grid operator, energy user, policy maker, researcher, energy expert, service provider, working for a social organization or involved in some other way in the energy transition? Do you believe in the power of collaboration and do you want to connect your name to Recharge Earth? Register as a sponsor and choose one of the four packages which best suits you. 

Recharge Earth 2021 Advisory board

The Recharge Earth Advisory Board helps us to achieve our objectives by contributing their knowledge, expertise and experience. The members work in various sectors and form the connection between companies, knowledge and government.

Municipality of Rotterdam: Arno Bonte – Alderman for Sustainability ( t.b.c.)
Municipality of Delft: Stephan Brandligt, Regional Energy Transition Strategy Coordinator and Alderman
Netbeheer Nederland: Edwin Edelenbos, Strategy Manager
ECN-TNO: Kees Willemse, Director International Operations
NVDE: Olof van der Gaag, Director
Erasmus University Rotterdam: Gerrit Schipper, Executive Director ECDA
Eneco: Hans Peters, CCO
Croonwolter & dros: Piet Jan Heijboer, Chairman of the Board