Erasmus Data Summit – Generative AI and Immersive Technology

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Erasmus Data Summit – Generative AI and Immersive Technology

25 April 2023 @ 13:30 18:30

Join us Tuesday, April 25 from 13:30-18:30hrs at the Erasmus Pavilion in Rotterdam.

• Through inspiring Talks and lively Fireside Chats we aim to create a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of Generative AI and Immersive Technology.

• Topics will cover the impact on the future of education, work, art, and health with relevant examples from leading experts in the field.

• Gain hands-on experience at the Immersive Tech Fair.

Topics we would like to (dis)cover:

• How are generative AI and Immersive tech evolving?

• What is the impact on society – how are they changing the way we work, educate, skill, learn or do research? How does it impact equality, opportunity creation, innovation, safety, security, healthcare and well-being?

• How does it shape our beliefs? How can we stop misuse? How can we strive towards ethical & trustworthy generative AI?

• How can we make use of these diverse technologies (or platforms) well to prepare ourselves and future generations to tackle societal and organizational challenges? (AI, haptics, gamification, VR, AR, XR, metaverse, web3)

• Show inspiring use cases in business, education, innovation and healthcare.

• What about collaboration in triple/quadruple helix on AI/Immersive tech?

• How can we assure enough understanding of, education and talent in data, AI & Immersive tech?

• How is the creative industry using generative AI and Immersive tech?

Speakers: Generative AI

Speakers: Immersive Tech

Immersive Tech Fair

After the show program in the Pavilion Theater, we have an amazing Immersive Tech Fair and networking food & drinks in the Erasmus Data Collaboratory situated in the beautiful Polak building across, on the EUR campus.

There will be some amazing and talented teams from diverse initiatives and startups, from the private and public sector, the medical domain, arts, and media. Please see more information on the Immersive Tech Fair participants waiting to welcome you below.

Get inspired, connect and enjoy some quality networking time with both established and new talent. Get hands-on experience with VR, XR,AR, sensory pods, holograms, AI art installations and many more.

Immerse yourself in all the amazing and impactful solutions, and see what immersive technologies can offer you within your own domain.

Immersive Tech Fair Participants


• New data (tech) (startup/initiative) talent and established (alumni) entrepreneurs/practitioners/experts and investors

• Representatives from government and industry

• Representatives form universities (EUR, UVA, TU Delft, Erasmus MC/convergence community)

• Students from various Rotterdam educational institutions (EUR, Erasmus MC, Applied Sciences, Art&Media)

• Representatives from network organizations and affiliated events like: UP!Stream, Immersive Tech Week, Recharge Earth, Rotterdam Partners, Innovation Quarter,

Host: Jim Stolze, entrepreneur (a.o. founder of TedX), AI advisor, Tech educator, writer)


  • • Game changing speakers | Visual Experiences
  • • Generative AI | Human side of AI
  • • Immersive Technology
  • • Innovative Start-ups
  • • Inspiring Academics
  • • Established Practitioners
  • • Talented Students
  • • VR, AR, XR Gamification, the Metaverse, Haptics
  • • Immersive Tech Fair

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics

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