Erasmus Data Summit 2024

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Erasmus Data Summit 2024

April 18 @ 13:00 18:00

This year, the Erasmus Data Summit will focus on creating the Future Workforce.Together with experts from academia and industry, we will discuss the impact of (Gen) AI on work; how does it change the way we work, educate, skill, learn or do research? How does it impact equality, opportunity creation,innovation, safety, healthcare, and well-being? The walk-in starts at 1:00 pm and we will close with networking drinks and an inspiring Immersive Tech Fair with innovative expos and demos for a hands-on experience.This will also be Gerrit Schipper’s last official grand gathering as Executive Director of ECDA, so for us an opportunity to celebrate the years and milestones shared together.


The event is hosted on behalf of the Erasmus University Rotterdam by the Erasmus Center for Data Analytics, supported by ErasmusX, Erasmus Q-Intelligence, ErasmusMC Data Hub, AIpact & Convergence. ECDA is the center of expertise and community of Erasmus University Rotterdam around data, digitization, AI & Immersive tech. We support the strategy of Erasmus University Rotterdam: Creating Positive Societal Impact. Here, data, AI & Immersive tech are seen as important drivers to create societal impact. Where people, and the responsible use, consequences, and acceptance of these technologies take central stage, not just the technology.

By bridging the gap between technical knowledge (Delft) and knowledge from the business and social domain (Rotterdam), we want to help data tech entrepreneurs, government and business representatives, universities and students who work with AI & Immersive tech to set up companies and grow themselves and their organizations to focus on the societal challenges of tomorrow.


During the summit, there will be renowned speakers and representatives from the data tech ecosystem (both new talent and established entrepreneurs, representatives from government and industry, universities (EUR, TU Delft/convergence community), and various students, to celebrate data, AI and Immersive tech, meet new talent, connect with established alumni and discuss key societal themes around data and innovation. This edition will be focused on Creating the Future Workforce. Looking at the immense impact that AI has on our workplace, work, and way of learning, we need to keep up with the changes and prepare for what is to come. You can check out last year’s speakers via this link.

The meeting is in the form of a dynamic show format, chaired by a top host (Jim Stolze), where various guests will speak per topic. Therefore, if the event’s period does not suit, attendance for 1 specific part may also be an option.

There are video pitches, talks, shoutouts, and conversations with (alumni) representatives and entrepreneurs around the following themes: future of work, human perspective on working with AI, Work and Talent, AI & Education. We also want to answer questions about AI & equality, ethics, and immersive healthcare.

Immersive Tech Fair

During the program there is an Immersive Tech fair, where various demos and expos will be shown.Here, all our guests can get hands-on experiences and learn more in an informal setting. If you also wantto be part of the expo, we are happy toreserve a place for you

The Erasmus Data Summit will be held on the 18th of April, starting from 13:30 (walk-in from 13:00). Together with renowned speakers from academia and industry, we will discuss the following questions:

  1. How are generative AI and Immersive tech evolving in the coming years?

  • What is the impact on work – how are they changing the way we work, educate, skill, learn, or do research? How does it impact equality, opportunity creation, innovation, safety, security, healthcare, and well-being?

  • How does this affect our leadership needs and the workability of employees?

  • How does it shape our beliefs? How can we stop misuse? How can we strive towards transparent, ethical & trustworthy generative AI?

  • How can we make use of these diverse technologies (or platforms) well to prepare ourselves and future generations to tackle societal and organizational challenges? (AI, haptics, gamification, VR, AR, XR, metaverse, web3)

  • Show inspiring use cases in business, education, innovation, and healthcare.

  • How can we ensure enough education and talent in data, AI & Immersive tech? How can we make our talent data and AI literate to foster responsible use of immersive technologies?

After the plenary part, an Immersive Tech Fair will be hosted in the Theil Building. Here we offer our guests the possibility to have a hands-on experience with the latest tech, and network, and have drinks.

External guests are welcome to park in the main parking lot right under the campus

Check out our speakers: