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AIDocs: AlphaGo

12 October 2022 @ 16:00 18:00

As part of documentary festival AIDocs we will screen AlphaGo. Can a human still win from an AI opponent in a game of AlphaGo, the oldest board game in the world?  With an introduction by dr. Joao Goncalves.

Introduction by Joao Goncalves
The documentary will be introduced by dr. Joao Goncalves, assistant professor in the department Media and Communication of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.

Joao about AlphaGo
“AlphaGo is window into human intuition. It is a documentary about the oldest board game still played today that showcases the complexity and emotionality of human interaction with machine learning innovation, and the uncomfortable consequences of AI success. Paraphrasing media scholar Marshall McLuhan, the introductory talk will raise questions about how humanity is extending its abilities through AI, and what it may lose in this process.”

During the documentary festival ‘AIDocs’ we will shed light on social and societal implications of technological developments. Four afternoons we will show documentaries in which AI plays a different role each time. An expert Erasmus scientist will introduce the documentary and discuss it with the audience. For example, is Alice the care robot a helpful tool to diminish loneliness? And how is gig work changing the future of work?

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Erasmus Initiative AIPact

Theatre Erasmus Paviljoen

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