AI education for ICT dummies?

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AI education for ICT dummies?

A webinar on teaching AI to non-ICT students (MBO, HBO, WO)

15 June 2022 @ 12:00 13:00

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in society and consequently in the curricula of numerous programmes, including the non-technical. But how do you convey a technological subject to students who have not chosen for an ICT programme? How do you inspire and motivate a public that has no intrinsic interest in AI? In this webinar João Ferreira Goncalves will tackle these questions and guide teachers who are involved in teaching AI and data technology to non-ICT students.

This webinar is organised by the AI, data & digitalisation Convergence group of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is a contribution to the month of AI in education and aims to engage teachers with the topic of AI.

About Convergence AI, data & digitalisation:

TU Delft, Leiden University, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam join forces in ConvergenceOpens external. The urgent and complex societal challenges of our time ask for fundamentally new forms of cooperation, whereby the boundaries between institutes and disciplines are crossed to create new perspectives and solutions.


AI, data & digitalisation Convergence group