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Erasmus Data Summit 2023

Explore Generative AI and Immersive Technology

The Erasmus Data Summit serves as a platform at Erasmus University Rotterdam, bringing together professionals from the South Holland region who are involved in data, AI, and Immersive technologies. This annual event is a place for inspiration, networking, and meaningful collaborations. The unique combination of established experts, academics, innovative startups, and promising students makes the summit distinctive. With high-quality speeches, panels, hands-on data, and the Immersive Tech Fair, the event offers an energetic and multifaceted experience.

Collaborating with our AiPact and ErasmusX community members, this year’s event showcases the diverse digitalisation initiatives at EUR to our external partners, guests, and participants. Looking ahead, we‘re excited to announce that Erasmus Q-Intelligence will also be part of the programme in the upcoming edition on April 15, 2024. If you’d like to collaborate, suggest speakers, organisations, or technologies, or register as a VIP guest, please get in touch.

Summit Conference: Generative AI & Immersive Technologies

This year’s summit centred on the societal impact of generative AI and Immersive Technologies. We explored their influence on the way we work, recruit and train employees, lead our organisations, provide healthcare, and approach art and culture. Experts shared insights on the latest trends in generative AI and immersive technologies, argued for the importance of the psychology of AI, the synergy between ethics and AI, and provided examples of when not to use AI, especially when data doesn’t yet allow for the responsible use of the algorithms.

We were honoured to be inspired by the following speakers:

Jim Stolze, AI expert, speaker, and writer
Eric Kalsbeek, Motion designer and AI-powered Creative
Pieter den Hamer, VP Artificial Intelligence at Gartner
Anne Kathrin Klesse, Professor in Marketing at RSM, EUR, Academic Director Psychology of AI at ECDA
Claartje ter Hoeven, Professor of Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society at EUR
Linda Li, Lead Ethics & AI at the Dutch Police
Charlotte Melkert, Co-founder and CEO at Equalture
Hilary Richters, Director and Lead Digital Ethics at Deloitte
Sennay Ghebreab, Professor Socially Intelligent AI at UVA
Gijs den Butter, Co-founder and CPO at SenseGlove
Robbert Brouwer, Co-founder at SyncVR
Yvonne van Everdingen, Professor of Marketing and Innovation at RSM, EUR,  Academic Director Virtual and Augmented Reality at ECDA
Frederike Manders, Programme Manager Immersive Technologies at Hogeschool Rotterdam
Jenny Hansen, Former Communications Director at Meta
Esther ‘O Callaghan, Co-founder and CEO at
Vivian Chen, Associate Professor and head of UX research at EUR, video game and VR expert

Speakers: Generative AI

Speakers: Immersive Tech

Immersive Tech Fair

The Immersive Tech Fair allowed all participants to experience the latest immersive technologies from the South Holland region firsthand. This included VR, AR, XR, gamification, haptics, deep fakes, and holographs. The fair showcased immersive solutions for various sectors, from commercial organisations to educational and medical institutions, law enforcement, creative industries, and more.

The presented innovative solutions demonstrated the transformative potential of immersive technologies across industries. These technologies are not just mere additions or gimmicks but are key to providing impactful solutions that enhance wellbeing, learning, efficiency, adoption, and engagement.

The Fair featured the following innovative organisations, initiatives, and experts from different industries, all presenting the latest immersive technologies:

SenseGlove, Gemeente Rotterdam, VR Owl, Ecogoggle, AICON, Warp VR, SyncVR, Sensiks, Yori Ettema, Nikki Scheijen, AI@EUR programme, Smart Campus Project, Organiq, Tekle Holographics, and Convergence of Universities.

Immersive Tech Fair Participants