Last week, students from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam participated in the AImaginaries hackathon, organized by the AImaginaries team of Erasmus AiPact together with Ward Klomp & Oskar Maan.

The AImaginaries workshop, introduces people to generative AI tools like Chat GPT, HuggingChat, Blockade Labs, and DALL-E, encouraging creative and reflective use of these technologies.

💡 The hackathon aimed to expand the AImaginaries project from a physical workshop into an interactive digital platform. Students brainstormed ideas and built prototypes throughout the week.

The kick-off happened on Tuesday at the Erasmus Data Collaboratory at the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus, with a workshop and an ideation session. Students then spent two days at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam developing their platform prototypes. On Friday, the group returned to Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam for final presentations and to announce the winners. After the summer, the team will continue building the platform based on these prototypes.

🙌 Thank you to all the students for their impressive contributions and for being a part of creating positive societal impact within AI.

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