Have you already explored the Immersive Tech Space, part of the Erasmus Data Collaboratory at the Erasmus University Rotterdam? πŸš€

Last Monday, we welcomed the High Tech, Maritime & Digital team from InnovationQuarter at the Immersive Tech Space. Together we explored the possibilities for companies in South Holland within the immersive tech.

πŸ’‘The visit kicked off with insightful presentation by the Innovation Manager at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Astrid Manden-Benneker, and the Executive Director at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, Marcel Van Oosterhout. Jos Maccabiani then presented recent study results on the immersive tech ecosystem in South Holland.

πŸ‘“ Following the presentations, our visitors enjoyed an exciting hands-on session with our immersive demos and the latest VR/AR technologies. The business developers investigated potential applications in the high tech, aerospace, digital, defense, and maritime sectors. Among the highlights were interacting with the digital avatar technology, Digiderius Erasmus, experiencing water level visualization during flooding in mixed reality, or using holography technology in our Holo Room.

The Immersive Tech Space is an initiative realized by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, ErasmusX, and researchers from various faculties of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

If you have any questions or you would like to visit the Immersive Tech Space, please contact the director of Erasmus Data Collaboratory at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, Jos van Dongen.