Did you attend our Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Community Social Drinks last Tuesday?

Wouter van Aerle‘s presentation on why the data-driven enterprise is dead sparked fascinating discussions and raised critical questions about the future of digital transformation.

πŸ’‘ Why is data dead, and is there hope for the future? Here are some highlights from the presentation:

β–ͺ Every organization is using data, but most of the organizations lack the skills to manage data efficiently, leading to significant data debt. Organizing data is often not seen as a priority and unfortunately still seen as a responsibility of IT.

β–ͺ Higher education should focus more on data creation and management rather than just data science. Future talents need to be able to manage data more efficiently than we do now. Here the focus should be on creating better quality data by design.

β–ͺ Technology is often seen as a solution to everything, but technology alone isn’t the solution; a solid design and architecture understanding is crucial. Here AI will not solve fundamental data problems. So, we need to watch our tech fetish and FOMO.

β–ͺ Becoming a truly data-driven organization requires a willingness to overhaul existing business models and processes. That means a willingness to change ways of working diametrally or to renewing entire workforce. The discussion in the room also emphasized the need to be decision driven in this domain Stefano Puntoni.

β–ͺ Data should be a means to achieve organizational goals, not an end in itself. Data is useful when we first define our core values, goals and tasks.

β–ͺ Effective data management requires strategic thinking and structural design. This is what we should focus on, instead of focusing only on technology itself.

⬇ Were you inspired by the presentation? Would you like to share your won thoughts? We are looking forward to hear from you in the comments section!

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