Did you get the chance to experience the potential of AI, immersive tech, and the metaverse on the future of work at our Immersive Tech Fair? 🚀

On April 18, during the Erasmus Data Summit, Erasmus University Rotterdam buzzed with pioneering innovators from academia, industry and new talents, demonstrating how these transformative technologies can be applied to support a new way of working within various domains. From AI-driven workplaces, use of avatars, using 3D imaging on the job to immersive skill development – our attendees could explore the diverse possibilities within the future work.

Some highlights from the Immersive Tech Fair across different job sectors:

▪ Within the education sector, attendees explored the potential of holography for education with the holobox from Community for Learning & Innovation – Erasmus University Rotterdam and experienced soft skills development for students through Bodyswaps with ErasmusX.

▪ From the startup/industry domain, we enjoyed the official premiere of the Motorized Automatic Reality Capturing (MARC) technology from 360Fabriek, revolutionizing traditional photogrammetry methods for immersive applications around for example digital cultural heritage or customer interaction to explore leisure locations, and the eco-friendly cloud solution offered by leafcloud.

▪ In the healthcare sector, attendees were introduced to ARNA, an advanced information platform featuring augmented reality for lifelike placement of medical devices, and a VR library catering to the learning needs of healthcare professionals, presented by DA-RE Health Innovation.

▪ Art and culture enthusiasts explored the Metaseum by BROKEN EGG, offering immersive experiences of museums and galleries worldwide, and the Realmbreak Hotel by Floris van Laethem, an immersive cultural experience.

▪ For recruitment our visitors were introduced to a technology-driven job-matching platform by GConnection, streamlining and enhancing the recruitment process for early talent.

▪ Within skilling and learning Warp VR, a platform empowering organizations to create digital learning environments for skill development, showed how staff and trainees cab immerse themselves in realistic scenarios.

Did you join the Immersive Tech Fair? Please let us know in the comments below, which experience, demo or organization caught your attention the most.