Last week, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics has joined Erasmus Centre for Energy Transition at the one of a kind global energy event – World Energy Congress at Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre – that brought different companies, governments, institutions and communities, to discuss the future of the energy transition together.

During the event, our executive director, Marcel Van Oosterhout, has contributed as an expert speaker during a panel on “Building a future-proof digital energy system powered by data and AI – training & educating future leaders”, discovering what skills our future leaders need for navigating the digital energy landscape.

One of our academic directors at ECDA, Dr. Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal shared his insights during the panel “on The power of AI: From Transition to Transformation”, to discuss how can we harness AI’s potential without compromising the resilience of our infrastructure or falling victim to AI’s energy-hungry ways.

💡 Some key highlights from the event:
– To minimize the impact of AI on the environment, we have to consider using smaller models for specific tasks, minimize the amount of needed data and locate infrastructure for AI close to renewable energy sources.
– Quality, governance, and availability of data are paramount.
– AI rewards await! Imagine your car’s battery buffering grid energy.
It’s time for integrating AI smoothly into organizations for enhanced decision-making.
– Collaboration between universities and the energy sector is vital
It’s essential to establish clear guidelines for the ethical and efficient use of AI in energy transition endeavors.