Are you still feeling the energy from the Erasmus Data Summit – Creating the Future Workforce, which took place last Thursday at the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus?

We most certainly are! 🚀

💡 The event was truly exceptional, bringing together a diverse array of individuals including emerging talents, startup representatives, academic scholars, subject matter experts, students, and industry professionals. Their collective presence facilitated in-depth discussions regarding the profound implications of artificial intelligence and immersive technologies such as VR, AR, XR, and the metaverse on the future landscape of work. Additionally, attendees had the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with cutting-edge technologies at the Immersive Tech Fair.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all the speakers for their compelling presentations and pioneering insights:

Frank Buytendijk, Jovana Karanovic, Vanessa Abel, Derek Lomas, Kristiaan Glorie, Ph.D., Mirjam Tuk, Dieuwke Hupkes, François Candelon, Michel van Genderen, Ellen van Schoten, Jelle de Vries and Gerrit Schipper.

A big thanks to Jim Stolze for bringing so much energy and entertainment to the event with your fantastic moderation!

Thank you to all the organizations that took part in our Immersive Tech Fair! It was truly fascinating to experience firsthand how future technologies are shaping up and their potential applications across various job sectors. Thank you to REBLIKA – The Character Company, Metaseum, ErasmusX, Bodyswaps, BaselineZ, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB), Community for Learning & Innovation – Erasmus University Rotterdam, Convergence, AI@EUR, DA-RE Health Innovation, Erasmus Q-Intelligence, GConnection, HOLOFIL, leafcloud, Ordina, Floris van Laethem, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, SURF, Virtual Reality Learning Lab, Warp VR, Yori Ettema, 2Tokens, and 360Fabriek.