Last Thursday, change makers in ethical and responsible AI came together at one of a kind event at CIC Rotterdam, organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, and ICAI – Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence . 

It was an inspiring event with a diverse group of people contributing different perspectives on ethics in AI from both academia and industry. At the event, discussions took place surrounding topics like adapting in an AI-driven society, ethical perspectives in education. 

Thank you to our moderator, Isabel Barberá, and our panelists: Linda Li, Evert Stamhuis, Sennay Ghebreab, and Natasha Govender-Ropert, PhD, for providing us with fascinating insights on topics including regulations amongst AI, and liability and accountability around the building, deploying and maintaining of AI systems. 

We would also like to give a massive thank you to our dynamic roundtable hosts: Tamara T., Marlon Domingus, Shu Li, Katherine Elizabeth Bustos Rodas, Mike Lensink, and Fiona M. for leading engaging discussions on crucial AI topics, like:  

– Standards for AI practitioners, 

– Balancing benefits and risk in AI, 

– Ethical perspectives on AI in future education. 

Thank you to everyone involved with organizing the event. We are looking forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future.  

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