ūüߨGenes are our bodies data points.¬†Last Thursday,¬†our Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics team visited¬†our Academic Director Peter J. van der Spek at Erasmus MC hospital.

Professor¬†of¬†the Pathology & Clinical Bioinformatics Department Peter J. van der Spek talked about how¬†the Deepcell platform is used to recognize patterns¬†in¬†gene¬†mutations¬†responsible for diseases, and also how patients’ data can be stored and¬†(re)used¬†responsibly¬†to¬†assist with¬†prevention, and increase understanding of disease relations. This can support informed decision-making, better and individualized treatment, and stimulate diverse innovations in healthcare.
Diverse examples of how AR and VR technologies can be used in healthcare applications were also discussed.

Thierry P.P. van den Bosch, PhD, group leader of PARTS (Pathology Research and Trial Service), took us to the part of the Erasmus MC hospital where a large number of tissues are fixed and embedded with paraffin so they can be used for research into disease-related genes. PARTS has been offering support to renowned researchers within and outside @Erasmus MC with an emphasis on cell and tissue research.

ūüôĆ After the presentation and the tour, there was time to connect informally and exchange ideas.

Thank you for the tour around the halls of Erasmus MC hospital, and sharing valuable insights on how we can use data responsibly to support development in healthcare. We are inspired and looking forward to our collaboration around the Deepcell project.