Yesterday, we gathered with our AI, data, and immersive tech-driven community on the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus, to hear about the latest updates at the Erasmus Data Collaboratory, engage in discussions, share new milestones, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Jos van Dongen, Director of the Erasmus Data Collaboratory at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, shared with us the process of developing the Data Sandbox and guided us through the Erasmus Data Collaboratory infrastructure.

Here are some key highlights from the presentation:

– Some of the core principles of EDC Data Sandbox: not compromising on security, avoiding use of personal data, embracing change and reusability.

– There are many technical and economical advantages of having your own infrastructure.

– Using cloud is a good idea but only in the beginning. As Andressen Horowitz says: ‘You’re crazy if you don’t start in the cloud; you’re crazy if you stay on it’ (‘The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox’).

Next, we had the opportunity to connect and update each other on recent tech developments and projects, while enjoying some delicious snacks and drinks.