How do we secure scientific integrity, when it comes to the use of AI? 🌐

Last Friday, a brainstorm with the CWI (Commission Scientific Integrity) took place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Discussions were held about possible threats to scientific integrity related to AI in both education and research. The speakers discussed diverse situations that we as a university community can be confronted with. The workshop was co-facilitated by ErasmusX, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, and Michele Murgia.

🏫 Rector Magnificus of EUR, professor Annelien Bredenoord, introduced the meeting with inspiring words on the importance of ethical AI guidelines for our university, the AI@EUR program, and welcomed members from the KNAW – Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen that were invited to participate in the workshop.

Together with Derek Lomas, professor at the Delft University of Technology focusing on Human-AI alignment, we discussed the impact of the use of large language models (LLMs) on scientific integrity within both education and research and especially how these models challenge us to think of new ways to assess the established processes and decisions around research and educational activities.

Two members of the AI@EUR program team: Henriette D., Legal counsel, and Bo S., Privacy officer, explained the importance of defining AI Guidelines at EUR. They explained how the AI@EUR program aims to ensure that the AI used and developed at our university next to being compliant with laws and regulations, also adheres to our own ethical principles and Erasmian Values. 🎓

Later on, our discussion on generative AI and cases of the CWI was moderated by Michele Murgia.

Thank you to Mirjam Carp-den B. Trudy Spaans and Klaas Sijtsma for their trust in facilitating the workshop together. Thank you to Laurence Gormley for moderating the event and Vanessa Abel and Marta Stachowiak-de Wit for their program facilitation.

If you would like to contact the CWI, please reach out via the email:

If you want to be a part of the dialogue on ethical and trustworthy AI within the AI@EUR program, please reach out to Bo S. Henriette D. Marlon Domingus Otto Koppius Marta Stachowiak-de Wit, Matthijs Malkus or Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics.

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