How ethical are our institutions, when it comes to AI usage?  

Last Thursday, Joris Krijger and Tamara T. took us through the methodology of mutual learning they have developed to measure the ethical maturity of organizations. Their insightful presentation was organized on behalf of the AI@EUR program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

In recent years, the AI ethics landscape has evolved significantly, offering valuable guidelines, principles, and technical solutions to enhance the ethical development, deployment, and usage of AI. Yet, there remains a crucial gap between understanding the ‘what’ of AI ethics and implementing the ‘how’ of governance and operationalization. 📚  

While literature addressing implementation challenges is growing, a comprehensive analysis that consolidates themes of operationalization is lacking. “The AI ethics maturity model: a holistic approach to advancing ethical data science in organizations” aims to bridge this gap. Read more about their publication here.

We are looking forward to new ways to facilitate AI technology that is more ethical and responsible. 🙌  

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