The Leadership Challenge with Data Analytics: Education Track has reached its end with the grand finale at Meet Tuesday in Rotterdam πŸŽ‰

Big congratulations to the winning team from Delft University of Technology, leaded by ZhanΓ© Hunte: Bonnie van Huik, Andra Gherghiceanu, Amy Otter and Nardo de Vries. The team used a process mining methodology to analyze learning paths and explored the relationship with student performance.

Congratulations to their coach Theo Bakker πŸ‘

Thank you to all the participants for your valuable contribution! We hope that after completing the program, data analytics can be sufficiently applied in your everyday work and improve the quality of education.

Big thank you to the coaches for sharing your valuable knowledge and leading the teams into the fascinating world of data strategies and technologies: Els van de Kar, Theo Bakker, Farshida Zafar, Justian Knobbout, Jan van Dalen, Eric van Heck, Haydee Sheombar.

We are grateful for the insights of our professional jury members, that made the difficult decision to choose the winners of this year’s edition: Theo Bakker, Haydee Sheombar, Els van de Kar, Justian Knobbout, Eric van Heck, Karianne Vermaas, JaapJan Vroom.

The program was created by Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics in collaboration with SURF and it combines business, data, and societal perspectives. The multi-disciplinary teams, working in higher education (MBO-HBO-WO), had a chance to acquire valuable leadership skills in context of realizing value from data, through various lectures about strategy, stakeholder engagement, data privacy, ethics, AI and immersive technologies in education, and creative workshops, like Serious Lego training, Ethical Data Assistant or discussing data governance challenges via the Datapoly game. In this edition we also welcomed teams from Gemeente Rotterdam and Grenzeloos Datalandschap, who explored the use of data and analytics in their ambitions towards realizing a cleaner city.

The next edition of the Leadership Challenge in Data Analytics: Education track will start end of September 2024. If you are interested in joining the program, please see the comments section for more information.

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