The Convergence program AI, Data & Digitalisation is proud to announce the launch of two Convergence AI Labs. One lab will focus on Generative AI for Social Empowerment and the other on Immersive technologies. In the two labs, researchers from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam will join forces in their research. 

Immersive Technology Lab  

Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR),  can transform how we perceive, interact, and communicate with the world and each other. 

“With the Immersive Technology Lab, we want to help unlock more of the potential of immersive Technologies, by exploring fundamental questions and innovative application contexts. Our goal is to gain insights that are generally applicable, while simultaneously opting for concrete outcomes that can make a difference in this domain. In this way, we want to build a basis for the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of the lab. This requires a multidisciplinary setup, enabled by the collaboration of researchers from Erasmus and Delft, who cover a large spectrum of expertise.” 

Prof. Dr. Ting Li: Professor of Digital Business, Rotterdam School of Management 

Prof. Dr. Elmar Eisemann: Professor of Computer Graphics and Visualization, Delft University of Technology  

Generative AI for Social Empowerment Feminist Generative AI Lab 

The latest advancements in generative AI offer novel opportunities and pose new challenges to the web and social media landscape.

“The lab’s overarching goal is to mitigate discrimination and ensure that AI systems actively contribute to societal well-being and social justice, particularly within the context of social media and the web. The lab will critically examine the impact of genAI systems on marginalized communities, paying particular attention to issues related to algorithmic bias, representation, and power dynamics”.  

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Bozzon: Professor of Human-Centred AI, Delft University of Technology 

Prof. Dr. Claartje ter Hoeven: Professor of Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Society, Erasmus University Rotterdam 

About Convergence 

TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Erasmus Medical Center join forces in Convergence. The urgent and complex societal challenges of our time ask for fundamentally new forms of cooperation, whereby the boundaries between institutes and disciplines are crossed to create new perspectives and solutions. In that spirit, the Convergence program AI, Data & Digitalisation has launched a series of educational projects and innovation centers in various societal and scientific domains to strengthen the regional economic and scientific AI-ecosystem and give an impulse to developments and innovations ‘in’ and ‘with’ AI towards the urgent and complex societal challenges. 

Please follow our channels for more information on the new Convergence AI Labs! Recruitment of PhD candidates to start soon!