Last Thursday the AICON Lab took place at the Timmerhuis/VONK in Rotterdam! 

It was an extraordinary showcase of AI and art, including artworks by Peim van der Sloot such as ‘The Perfect Dot’, ‘Portraits of the City’ made by AI and residents from Rotterdam, and an art installation by Julia Luteijn challenging the biases in software.  

Students from the Breitner Academie worked on artistic interventions, questioning the humanization of chatbots and critical perceptions of AI-created content.  

AICON is an interdisciplinary initiative that fosters collaboration among citizens, artists, and researchers, aiming to explore the social-beneficial aspects and challenges of AI through co-creation, with the ultimate goal of democratizing AI and re-examining societal values. 

We are happy that the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics team joined this extraordinary fusion of AI, art, science, and society! 

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