The Immersive Tech Week has ended last Friday. Here we want to share some unforgettable moments from this exciting journey into the future of immersive technologies.

The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics team participated in this inspiring event to connect with like-minded people and share insights that are critical to shaping the responsible use of the immersive landscape.

Some highlights for our team

Discussed the ethical questions, related to the adoption of these technologies, and discussed the challenges with academic researchers and industry professionals.
Experienced the newest technology in the designated Playground area and dived into the immersive worlds of endless possibilities.

At “Rotterdam & Metaverse”, our Deputy Executive Director Marcel Van Oosterhout and researcher digital transformation and part of Business Information Management at RSM, Haydee Sheombar, participated by sharing both the light and dark sides for adoption, especially focusing on trust and citizen participation.
Vivian H.H. Chen, Assistant Professor in AI & Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam, spoke about AI in Immersive Learning Experiences.

Yvonne van Everdingen, Academic Director of the ECDA Expert Practice Virtual and Augmented Reality, was jury member for the Hackathon, where student teams needed to solve business challenges using immersive tech. Together with Jackie Poos and Jeffrey Lemmers. Yvonne also discussed the opportunities of using VR for research and education in health care during the breakfast event, organized by Rotterdam Square.

We were proud to be the supporting partners of this year’s edition and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!