Are you still buzzing after the Erasmus Thesis Awards ceremony?  

Below you can see the pictures from the event, that took place last Thursday. We were thrilled to hear all the theses and get inspired by the brilliant data-driven talents from the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.  

A massive congratulations to Aleksander Odziemkowski, the author of the winning thesis, “Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees: Semantic Analysis of Greenium in Corporate Green Bonds”. Same goes for all the participants: David Lensen with his insightful thesis “What is my data worth?”, Tamires Beltrão and her discerning research on “The Impact of Cross-channel Integration on the Profitability of Apparel Retailers” and Martijn Rigutto with his fascinating work on “Improving the comprehensibility and scalability of decision-tree representations of neural networks”. We were truly proud to be a part of this exceptional ceremony!  

Big thanks to our jury, that provided their professional insights and made the difficult decision on this year’s winner: our Deputy Executive Director at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics Marcel Van Oosterhout, Remko Strik from Eneco, René de Boer from Digital Power and Matthias Kok from WebinarGeek. 

If you are a student and you would like to get inspired for your thesis, or present your own master thesis in front of the industry professionals, stay tuned and follow our social media! We are looking forward to see you during the next edition in the following year!