Last Tuesday we welcomed our tech and data-driven community at the pre-opening of the Immersive Tech Space – a preview of the developments of the room as part of the Erasmus Data Collaboratory at the Erasmus University campus.

Here, we will explore the boundless possibilities of immersive technology, and how they can boost education, research and engagement.

Jos van Dongen, the director at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, talked us through the journey of realizing the Immersive Tech Space and the developments so far. We are excited about the next step, which will be introducing the 3D Holo Wall. Jeffrey Rijpkema, from Tekle holographics showcased us the extensive possibilities of this cutting edge holographic technology.

Vanessa Abel, the director of ErasmusX, shared her vision on the space in relation to education. She explained how immersive technology can help knowledge assimilation and developing soft skills.

Yvonne van Everdingen, the professor of Marketing and Innovation at RSM and Academic Director of ECDA, stressed out the opportunities of using VR for research and industry application. She also demonstrated the simulation of her project the laptop store with VR technology.

After the presentation, there was a time to connect, share thoughts, and of course – experience the possibilities of the Immersive tech Space – exploring different VR experiences, admiring AI Art or having a conversation with 3D Chat GPT Avatar.

Are you excited to try it for yourself? The grand opening is still ahead of us – stay tuned for the updates and we hope to see you soon!